Riva empowers Wietersdorfer to seamlessly sync SuiteCRM and Microsoft Office 365

Wietersdorfer is an international operating company focused on industrial conglomerates. Headquartered in Klagenfurt, Austria, Wietersdorfer is an umbrella brand for the holding-companies Wietersdorfer Industrie Beteiligungs GmbH (WIB) and Wietersdorfer Rohr Beteiligungs GmbH (WRB). They rely on Riva for calendar data integration between SuiteCRM and Microsoft Office 365. The ability to sync appointments has strengthened the company’s sales activities and given them more return on their CRM investment. They now have access to reliable and relevant customer information that is always available – right at their fingertips.


Wietersdorfer was formed 120 years ago as a cement manufacturer by Philipp Knoch with his brother Gottlieb. Still one-hundred percent family-owned, Wietersdorfer concentrates on the development, production, processing, and distribution of high-quality cements and concretes.

They have production facilities in more than 20 locations in Austria, Switzerland, and Slovenia. The facilities are some of the cleanest, and most energy-efficient cement and concrete plants in Europe. Having succeeded in increasing the alternative fuel rate to more than 80%, Wietersdorfer is an industry leader in energy efficiency. w&p Zement Gmbh, a Wietersdorfer subsidiary, has invested €13 million in environmental measures for clean and sustainable cement production.

The Challenge

Riva was recommended by Wietersdorfer’s IT-solutions partner, Matik, as the solution to meet their specific sync requirements.

Wietersdorfer has two administrators responsible for providing IT support between SuiteCRM, which was implemented in November 2017, and Microsoft Office 365, their company-wide email collaboration system. The CRM implementation allowed Wietersdorfer to more effectively manage their customer relationships and track the customer journey.

The challenge was being able to sync Outlook calendar appointments and meetings to SuiteCRM. This functionality is key for their sales activities. The company’s sales representatives spend most of their time traveling to visit clients. While on the road, they require immediate access to their relevant CRM and email data in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

Riva provides Wietersdorfer with a sync solution for CRM calendars, contacts, tasks, emails, opportunities, cases, custom fields, and custom objects. Double-booking of appointments or lost appointments are now a thing of the past.

The Solution

After the free 15-day trial, Wietersdorfer was beyond pleased with the reliable, server-side sync solution that Riva provides. There are no Outlook plugins or separate SuiteCRM apps that need to be installed, configured or managed.

Riva is now implemented for Wietersdorfer’s w&p Zement GmbH and w&p Kalk GmbH divisions. The company benefits from Riva’s fast and bi-directional calendar synchronization that results in a higher rate of CRM user adoption.

Additionally, Riva offers Wietersdorfer configurations for appointments that don’t require a sync. For example, users can assign a private tag to their private calendar events so they are not synced to the CRM. They can also choose to configure these appointments to sync and show up as blocked time slots with no other information, referred to as privatization.

Syncing calendars is a top priority for Riva customers, and quite often they find that free plugins or CRM vendor add-ons just can’t fulfill their requirements. Riva offers a customization, which is quite popular among our customers, called “Invitation Mode”. This means users create a calendar invitation in CRM, and Riva takes that invitation and sends it, via the email system – in this case Exchange – and copies the Outlook or other client information to the user’s CRM. Along with these features, Riva offers calendar fine-tune options and advanced Riva configuration options for further customization.

Riva is compatible with both virtual and physical servers. Wietersdorfer runs Riva On-Premise on the SuiteCRM Linux Server. Riva On-Premise requirements are scaled per the number of users being synced by Riva, described in detail in the Riva Knowledge Base.

Wietersdorfer appreciates the reliable support Riva provided throughout the entire implementation process.

“The detailed and well-documented Knowledge Base solved almost any challenge we encountered during implementation. If support was needed, assistance from the Riva team was very fast and uncomplicated – quickly resolving issues,” said Markus Prisslan, IT-specialist at Wietersdorfer.

The Results

The Riva solutions meets all of Wietersdorfer’s calendar sync requirements. “We are very happy with all the functionality and the flexibility that Riva provides us as we continue to grow and implement Riva throughout our companies,” said Prisslan.

Wietersdorfer will continue to rely on Riva, taking advantage of our server-side sync. They are also in the process of implementing Riva within three of its other companies, allowing more users to benefit from Riva’s ability to allow users to work more efficiently in SuiteCRM and Microsoft Office 365.

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