CRM Acceleration – New customer relationship strategies for savvy executives

Can social media and advanced online marketing put you ahead of the competition? Yes! By combining the power of advanced customer relationship management, social media, online marketing, and cutting-edge data integration tools, you can get a lasting edge. This FREE half-day event will show you how.

SugarCRM Acceleration event in Dallas

Omni was invited to share CRM integration best practices at the SugarCRM Acceleration event in Dallas, hosted by Sugar partner, Epicom.


CRM-Email Integration – How to accelerate CRM user adoption and satisfaction with server-side CRM integration

What you’ll learn:

  • How your sales force will get better results by having transparent access to CRM data from ALL Exchange clients (no plug-ins required).
  • Why server-side CRM integration with Exchange delivers better value and user satisfaction than Outlook plug-ins.
  • How server-side integration empowers mobile users to access CRM information without installing separate applications.