The GroupWise CRM integration advantage: Customer perspective

„Riva CRM Integration for info@hand and GroupWise is absolutely fantastic!“ said Marcus Svensson, Business Development Manager for CPU Consultores. „We will never move from GroupWise based on the power of Riva CRM Integration. Riva delivers much better integration than the Outlook connectors I have used in the past for Microsoft Exchange and other CRMs.“


CPU Consultores is an international, multidisciplinary consultancy group in the fields of architecture, urban planning and property valuation. Founded in 1983 by Architect-Planner Adriano Callé Lucas as a single company, CPU operates now as a group of companies, with a subsidiary for each division.

During the past 25 years, CPU Consultores‘ team has grown to include town planners, architects, retail designers, civil and mechanical engineers, economists, valuers and chartered surveyors. Approximately 100 highly qualified and experienced staff now work at CPU Consultores‘ seven offices in Europe, Africa and Asia.

In 2006, CPU Consultores migrated from Microsoft Exchange as a corporate mail and collaboration system to Novell GroupWise, based on the lower licensing costs, improved security and reduced downtime. Since migrating to GroupWise two years ago, CPU Consultores has had zero downtime.

The Challenge

Sustainable growth requires a structured approach to a company’s sales systems, customer relationship management processes and underlying IT infrastructure. CPU Consultores faced the challenge of finding a CRM integration solution for Novell GroupWise that delivered the flexibility, administrator control and end-user ease of use they needed.

The leader behind these pivotal process improvments was Marcus Svensson, CPU Consultores‘ new Business Development Manager. Svensson, originally from Sweden, has a strong track record in sales and business development.

„Early in my career, I became convinced of the value of corporate CRM systems,“ said Marcus Svensson. „Our team, like many other professional services companies, was using a combination of spreadsheets, folders and network files to manage customer accounts. My objective was to enhance CPU Consultores‘ sales systems and processes so that our sales teams could work smarter, not harder, as we continued to grow and expand our operations. Like a professional business card, website and consistent messaging, a good CRM system is really part of the business basics.“

„The challenge with CRMs is that they involve significant switching costs if you make the wrong decision and can often end up controlling company processes rather than molding to them,“ said Svensson. „In the past, for example, I worked with a hosted CRM that was inflexible, lacked the required integration we needed, and met with major push-back from end-users because of its complexity. As a result, the company did not realise the full potential of the system.“

The Solution

„We needed a CRM and integration solution that would allow us to leverage our existing investment in Novell GroupWise and provide the flexibility and administrator control I required,“ said Svensson.

„After a quick Google search, I discovered Riva CRM Integration from Omni that delivers transparent, bi-directional GroupWise integration for SugarCRM, info@hand CRM, Bluefin CRM, SageCRM, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other CRMs.“

„I contacted Omni and was immediately impressed with their sales and support team. We went through a live client demo of Riva CRM Integration over the web and, after discussing CPU Consultores‘ needs, Omni recommended I look at SugarCRM Professional and info@hand, a SugarCRM derivative. In the end, we chose to trial info@hand.“

„We evaluated info@hand and Riva CRM Integration internally for two months. Omni helped customise the solution to meet our needs. I then created a brief training manual for staff and created simple CRM views with only the features they needed.“

„The ability to use Riva SmartConvert Drop Folders to automatically convert emails into CRM opportunities and support cases directly from our GroupWise client is truly outstanding. What a tremendous time saver and value-added function that Riva provides. Having access to our CRM Opportunities and Cases directly in GroupWise is a huge advantage. I can access that information on my BlackBerry from anywhere in the world. As an administrator, I have full control over the CRM and how the integration works.“

„Another interesting aspect of this project is how it represents the age of the global information economy. Here you have an architectural consultancy from Lisbon (Portugal), running GroupWise collaboration software developed in Provo (U.S.), with a business development manager from Sweden, implementing a CRM developed by a company in Ottawa (Canada), hosted by a company in Helsinki (Finland), running Riva CRM Integration developed by Omni in Edmonton (Canada),“ said Svensson. „This is truly an international technology and business process success story.“

The Results

„Riva’s CRM Integration for info@hand and GroupWise is absolutely fantastic!“ said Svensson. „We will never move from GroupWise based on the power of Riva CRM Integration. Riva delivers much better integration than the Outlook connectors I have used in the past for Microsoft Exchange and other CRMs.“

„The success of this strategy has helped reinforce my position in the company and improve our core sales processes. We are well on our way to being able to support 200 or 300 employees as CPU Consultores continues to grow.“

„I would like to thank Omni for being the all-time best service provider I have ever done business with,“ said Svensson. „It has been a very smooth ride implementing info@hand CRM and Riva CRM Integration for GroupWise. Omni has been there for me every step of the way – from demonstrating Riva, recommending a CRM, customising Riva to fit our needs and being willing to help via phone or email. Thank you!“

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